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God’s People in Tough Places

God’s servants are found in places we sometimes least expect. In today’s presentation, Pastor Ken discusses two Bible characters with very different and contrasting approaches to how they serve God: Elijah and Obadiah. Click the play button on the audio player below to hear the audio presentation.

Take Godly Risks

John the Baptist was a living fulfillment of prophecy as foretold in Malachi in the Old Testament. Most know him as a baptizer and bold herald to the coming of Jesus Christ. In the following presentation, we look at  the best and heroic characteristics of the man called John and how his efforts prepared people for…

What God Calls Us To, He Equips Us For

Sometimes God uses just the right circumstances and experiences to prepare people for heroic effort. Today’s presentation looks at one of the most famous Bible heroes, David, and the life experiences that God used to prepare him to stand in the gap and lead his people to victory.   Click on the player below to hear…

All In, No Matter the Cost

The story of Noah is so fantastic that it is no wonder he is considered one of the greatest heroes of the Bible. His story begins in a world where men and women had become so vile and wicked that God grieved over his creation. God was ready to end man–literally. However, Noah remained righteous and…

See the Time and Seize the Moment

How do righteous people react and deal with life’s circumstances when they don’t feel or sense the presence of God working in their lives (especially when the situation is dire)? In today’s presentation, Pastor Ken Cavanagh examines how God tests Esther’s faith to the brink. Her story ultimately proves why she is one of the…

Exam Time at the School of Hard Knocks

Sometimes the things we learn, we need to relearn. That is certainly the lesson from master teacher, Jesus.  In a passage from Mathew 15:21 Jesus’ disciples learn a lesson in priorities the hard way. The story begins with a Canaanite woman pleading for Jesus to help her daughter. His response…shocking! Click on the sermon player below to…

$3 Worth of God, Please

Jesus consistently ranks as the most admired person in history. So why didn’t, and doesn’t, everyone follow him? tarting with today’s sermon, we’ll tackle and be tackled by things Jesus said that demand a response, where attempts to domesticate him just won’t do. Click on the sermon player below to listen and be challenged…

Time is Short

It’s in our nature to want to be held, supported and loved. Even as infants, it’s easy to see we’re hard-wired that way. “It’s in our DNA.” In Romans 13:8-14, Paul reminds us how we ought to be there for one another even as God supports us. Click on the player below to listen to the sermon…

The Christian and Goverment

Everyone would probably agree that government sometimes frustrates us. Sometimes government even seems at odds with what we personally think ethical and right. But does the government have a place in God’s plan and how we live? In Romans 13:1-7,  Paul provides some insight as to how Christians should respond to government and authority. Click the player…

Kill ’em With Kindness

In a recent survey conducted by Esquire and NBC News, researchers found that 88% of all Americans are angry at least once per week. How does God want us to deal with anger and people in conflict with us? In today’s sermon from Romans 12:17-21, Pastor Ken Cavanagh directly shares how to deal with situations…

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