Seeing as God Does – Part 5: Seeing Our Time As God Does

Kairos Living In a Chronos World James Gleich has written a book whose cover brilliantly captures the time we find ourselves in. The full book title is “Faster: The Acceleration of Just About Everything.” But to drive home the message immediately, the cover features in big bold letters, all caps, FSTR! “FSTR!” You immediately catch…

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Seeing as God Does – Part 4: Seeing This Place As God Does

Fishers YMCA

Welcome to the Well The story is told of a guy from Colorado who moves to Texas. There, he builds a custom home with a huge glass wall on his great room, from which he can view hundreds of miles of Texas prairie. He’s on the phone with an old friend from Colorado describing his…

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Seeing as God Does – Part 3: Seeing the World As God Does

Earth from Space

Good morning! Welcome to the continuation of our series on Seeing As God Does. We began with what the Bible says about seeing yourself as God does. What we heard from Scripture is that if you trust in Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord: God loves you God sees you God knows you God…

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Seeing as God Does – Part 2: Seeing One Another As God Does

One of the most jarring medical tools we used when I was an EMT were smelling salts. One early morning, for example, the call came that an adult was unconscious on someone’s front lawn. We checked and found a good pulse and respiration, but he was sound asleep. So we cracked a vial of smelling…

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