Prayer. We talk about it more than we do it. Many feel guilty about not praying more. Some feel awkward about knowing how to pray or what to pray. Here’s the big secret: just start. P.U.S.H. Pray Until Something Happens! Here are 3 practical helps for a fresh start right now:

  1. Like yChurch’s Facebook page, where we post a prayer most days. We’re currently posting boiled-down, paraphrased prayers based on the Psalms. Try them on for size!
  2. Pick up your copy of the 40-day Seek God For The City prayer guide available at yChurch Sunday mornings Jan. 24, 31 & Feb. 7. The guide suggests prayers and prayer topics for Feb. 10-March 20. We’ll find ways to include these prayers in worship for the six Sundays covered.
  3. Come 9:05 Sunday morning for 15 minutes of praying with others, to prepare your heart for what the Lord wants to do. Kids are welcome, and we’ll have coffee waiting in the main gym. Bring a Bible with you to the Family gym next door and seek God! With the worship service starting at 9:30, wrapping up prayer by 9:20 gives enough time to check children into Child Watch for kids’ ministries and still be in the worship service without rushing. No need to feel like a veteran prayer warrior. Just come, and learn to pray along with others. Hope to see you a little after 9:00 tomorrow!