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yChurch winter weather plan


When the weather outside is frightful, check our Blog page here or on yChurch’s Facebook page for updates. You can access yChurch’s Facebook page at FallCreekCommunityChurch/ We always meet for Sunday worship unless county travel notices warn against doing so. You can access Indiana’s county by county travel status at

Stinking Thinking


A wise caution that just might sting: “Perhaps your foundation is a bit more political than biblical, more American than Christian, more earthly-minded than Kingdom of God minded. It’s easy to get stirred up by the news, but it takes prayer to find contentment and trust in God. A prayerful response: Lord, you understand how…

What's Law Got to Do With It?


Don’t you just love that moment when you catch the police in your rear-view mirror? Two things happen reflexively: your foot comes off the gas, and your eyes dart to the speedometer. Why? Because we know the law, yet break it. Beginning this Sunday, we’re devoting three weeks to exploring the relationship between the Christian…

What is the Way?


One of the most widely-held beliefs in contemporary Western culture is that if there is a heaven, just about everyone goes there. Most believe there are many ways to God, and that to say otherwise is intolerant. But is that true? Continuing the current teaching series “Why Believe,” Pastor Ken examines the most controversial claim…

In 1880, James A. Garfield won the country's highest office. He never wanted it.


  When most people hear the name “Garfield,” odds are that James Abram Garfield, the United States’ 20th president, doesn’t come to mind—if anything, they probably think of a certain orange cat who just hates Mondays. Beyond the fog of post-Civil War history, though, there are two surprising facts that make Garfield a person of…

Galileo Is Coming to Church


“I’m-a tell you what. If you come-a to yChurch this Sunday, you gonna have a great time learning.” Thank you, Galileo, for that ringing endorsement! We’re sorry for the grief you suffered at the hands of ridiculous church leaders back in the 17th century. We’re trying to get it right. This Sunday at yChurch, we’re…

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